Historical Austrailian 200 Intraday Futures Data (AP)

Contract Specs:

Exchange: SFE
Sector: Index
Tick Size: 1
Tick Value: 25 AUD
BPV: 25
Denomination: AUD
Decimal Place: 0

Symbol Dates:

Data Type Start Date End Date Sample Data
Daily: 2000 May 02 Current Download
Intraday: 2000 May 01 Current Download
Tick - Trades Only: 2000 Sep 12 Current Download
Tick - Level 1: 2000 Sep 08 Current Download

Austrailian 200 Facts

Austrailian 200 index is a market-capitalization stock market index of the top 200 stocks listed on the Austrailian Securities Exchange. The austrailian 200 is used as a performance benchmark for the Australian equities market and is maintained by the S&P.

Sources: Wikipedia

Data and Format Details

Portara's formatting, timestamps and file extensions are custom tailored to suit your needs. The default formatting we offer is DateTime/Open/High/Low/Close with a CSV extension. There are minor format variations between data types.

Prices are back-adjusted, but can be adjusted into any form you need, such as forward-adjust,ratio adjust, no adjustment, and more.

Portara offers five point daily data. The five-point data is created by splitting the close into last price and settle price, as such the data formatting for the data appears as DateTime/Open/High/Low/Last Price/Settle.

Intraday data is supplied in 1-minute bar, and uses our standard formatting DateTime/Open/High/Low/Close/Volume.

Tick - Trades Only and Tick - Level 1 Data are formatted into DateTime/Open/High/Low/Close/Trade Volume.


All of our historical data is updated on a daily basis. Portara’s enterprise solution provides daily updates to your data, along with compression, roll and custom formatting features.

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