Historical British Pound Intraday Futures Data (BPA)

Contract Specs:

Exchange: CME
Sector: Currency
Tick Size: 0.0001
Tick Value: 6.25 USD
BPV: 62500
Denomination: USD
Decimal Place: 4

Symbol Dates:

Data Type Start Date End Date Sample Data
Daily: 1975 Feb 13 Current Download
Intraday: 1987 Sep 01 Current Download
Tick - Trades Only: 1987 Sep 01 Current Download
Tick - Level 1: 1987 Sep 01 Current Download

British Pound Facts

British Pound futures allow traders to assess value against the U.S. dollar, as well as the opportunity to address risk from currency fluctuations in other foreign trade markets. The British Pound—or ‘pound sterling’—is the oldest currency still in use today, with its history stretching as far back as Anglo-Saxon England in the middle 8th century. Today, it is the fourth-most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market, and it is also the third most held reserve currency in all global reserves.

Source: Daniels Trading

Data and Format Details

Portara's formatting, timestamps and file extensions are custom tailored to suit your needs. The default formatting we offer is DateTime/Open/High/Low/Close with a CSV extension. There are minor format variations between data types.

Prices are back-adjusted, but can be adjusted into any form you need, such as forward-adjust,ratio adjust, no adjustment, and more.

Portara offers five point daily data. The five-point data is created by splitting the close into last price and settle price, as such the data formatting for the data appears as DateTime/Open/High/Low/Last Price/Settle.

Intraday data is supplied in 1-minute bar, and uses our standard formatting DateTime/Open/High/Low/Close/Volume.

Tick - Trades Only and Tick - Level 1 Data are formatted into DateTime/Open/High/Low/Close/Trade Volume.


All of our historical data is updated on a daily basis. Portara’s enterprise solution provides daily updates to your data, along with compression, roll and custom formatting features.

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