Historical Live Cattle - Brazil Intraday Futures Data (BGI)

Contract Specs:

Live Cattle - Brazil (BGI)
Exchange: BRAZIL
Sector: Meat
Tick Size: 0.01
Tick Value: 3.30 ZAR
BPV: 330
Denomination: ZAR
Decimal Place: 2

Symbol Dates:

Data Type Start Date End Date Sample Data
Daily: 2000 Sep 29 Current Download
Intraday: 2000 Dec 27 Current Download
Tick - Trades Only: 2001 Jan 29 Current Download
Tick - Level 1: 2001 Jan 26 Current Download

Live Cattle - Brazil Facts

Brazil provides around 20% of global beef exportation and has the second largest cattle herd with 232 million heads (number of cattle), with most of the production being based on grass feeding. Currently Brazil is the largest producer of halal meat, with the Middle East being the third-largest importer of Brazilian beef at 16.1% of the total import coming from Brazil. Data from the Secretariat of Foreign Trade (SECEX) indicates that between January and August of 2020, Brazil exported US$ 111 million in live cattle to the Arab countries.

Source: USDA, USDA, BMF.com, MercoPress

Data and Format Details

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Intraday data is supplied in 1-minute bar, and uses our standard formatting DateTime/Open/High/Low/Close/Volume.

Tick - Trades Only and Tick - Level 1 Data are formatted into DateTime/Open/High/Low/Close/Trade Volume.


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