Best Historical Intraday Data Provider

Winner of Best Historical Intraday Data Provider 2018 at the European Technology Awards in London

HFM 2018 Award

Looking for the best historical intraday data provider? You’ve just found them! Portara is the winner of the ‘Best Historical Intraday Data Provider’ award at the 2018 HFM awards for the third time.

“Many thanks to all the International Hedge Funds, Banks, Pension Funds, Quant Groups, CTA’s and Traders who provided testimonials for Portara’s opportunity to win this amazing award.” – Arthur Maddock – CEO

We have over 10,000 global commodities from 250+ exchanges back to inception, for daily, intraday and tick data.

What makes Portara different

  • A 5-Point Daily Database. Portara’s 5 point Daily Database is a world first providing you with the Open, High, Low, Settle and also Last Price data points that you can choose between when building your daily bars.
  • Local Databases. Intraday and daily databases are local to you machine so that you are not constrained by poor bandwitdth limitations.
  • Portara Charts. Portara Charts is our Enterprise Software.  Portara Charts allows you to manipulate the data to create:
    • Continuous data streams rolled via backadjust, forward adjust, ratio adjust and other useful mechanisms.
    • Extract the individual contracts
    • Formatted timestamps, exchange based or local, to suit your needs regardless of you location or the exchange’s timezone.
    • Portara respects dual DST, hemispherical and Summer based DST adjustments automatically.
  • One off Data dump facilities.  If you only require small data sets and do not wish to access our software or update services, you can order the data you require.  Portara is a tailored service, so we will format the data in accordance with your requirements.

Portara is proud to state that during the award nominations for Best Historical Intraday Data Provider the panel of judges took into account the aspects of the above features in reaching their decisions with the other competing entrants.