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About Us

Portara is a business partner with CQG Inc. Portara is a mainline product through CQG’s main product range.

Portara supplies CQG’s historical Data Factory™ data supply to professional hedge funds and corporate trading entities. Portara’s mission is to develop intraday and daily data solutions in harmony with CQG’s superior datasets.

The name “Portara” and the design on the logo originate from the island of Naxos in Greece. Portara is the doorway to Apollo’s temple and can be seen to the south-east when approaching the harbour entrance.

Portara’s CEO is Arthur Maddock. He is the founding member of the company. He strives to deliver a world class product to support a world class data supplier.

Arthur is a financial accountant ACCA CAT T000328 registered in the UK. He is a C++ and C# programmer and research & development scientist for hedge funds. Arthur was a hedge fund trader for 2 years in St Thomas USVI and resided in Naxos for 7 years pioneering a hedge fund consultancy business and trading enterprise before returning to the UK in 2007.

Arthur holds the Certificate in Investment Management Qualification through the CFA Society of the UK.

Arthur also holds qualifications in non related areas; diplomas with honours in astro-mathematics and navigation. He is a seasoned yacht master holding commercial qualifications issued by the Royal Yachting Association RYA and sails enthusiastically all over the world.

CQG have 12 offices located globally in which PortaraCQG is available. CQG have a large data integrity department to make sure data is at the highest level of quality. PortaraCQG is a CQG historical futures data product.