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Access to our Historical Futures & Forex Data Cloud for Quants Hedge Funds CTA’s & Traders Simply ‘Drag & Drop’ Daily, Intraday, Tick and Level 1 Quote Data to your Local Machine.

**Includes Professional Formatting Tools**

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Hedge funds, banks, pension funds and individual traders need access to accurate historical data in order to backtest their solutions and trade successfully.

However, combined access to daily, intraday and tick data in one appliation is not possible.

Portara’s Insight

Most sources of historical data are either not reliable or verifiable when combined, or have poor coverage, or cost the earth.

Simple things, such as access to settlement price, or the ability to create continuous data are often disregarded entirely.


Portara now provides CQG data through our new cloud-to-desktop application Portara Downloader.

Simply drag-and-drop daily, intraday, tick data from the cloud to your desktop and format the data on the fly.


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Simple Drag and Drop Solution…
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HistoryFrom 1899
Includes Updates
Unzip Individual Contracts
Unzip Continuous Contracts
Flexible Roll Methods
Roll On Settle & LastPrice*
SOB & EOB Functionality
Flexible Session Manager
Unlimited Compression Granularity
Unlimited Formatting Rules
Per Commodity Formatting Rules
Audit & Traceability Logs
FX, Cash, ETF's & Futures Assets Included
Data Local To Your Machine
Operating SystemWindows 10 / 11 / Server

* Portara is the only supplier in the world to offer daily data where you can also roll on Lastprice

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Contact us to discuss historical pricing and subscription offers.