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Compression Manager

Portara | Compression Manager


The Compression Managers within Portara Charts allow you to compress your back-adjusted streams that you created using the Roll Manager.

There are 2 Compression Managers:


The Intraday Compression Manager allows you to create intraday bars to any timeframe and also daily bars for regular trading hours based upon CQG’s Intraday Database.


The Daily Compression Manager compresses daily, weekly, monthly and higher resolutions based upon CQG’s Daily Database.

Compress Intraday & Daily Data

Compress Intraday & Daily Data The Compression Manager allows you to compress your back-adjusted streams that you created with the Roll Manager. The Compression Manager can be used to compress the streams to any desired compression: 1 min and upward | Hourly | Daily and upward Portara is dual-DST equinox compliant for global exchanges and…

Parallel Processing

Multi-Core Framework Here we are compressing 5 minute bar on a 12 core machine. We can see the 5 minute intraday compressions being created in parallel. Doubling the number of cores on a machine will half the processing time whilst in a parallel configuration. Portara can have a multi-processor machine custom built to your requirements,…

Compress Actual Data

Compress Actual (Tenor) Data You can easily compress-off actual data (tenor data) as an alternative to continuous data. In the same way as for continuous data, you can use the compression Manager to suit the formatting requirements of your testing environment and trading team. You may still chop away unwanted parts of the actual data…

Create Regular Trading Hours Data (RTH)

Create Regular Trading Hours Data Create Regular Trading Hours Data (RTH) Data with Portara.  Using an intraday data base you are able to set your open, high, low and close points anywhere you want in the trading day.  By setting dynamically, open and close of session at whatever times suit (even across midnight) you can…

Symbol Mapping

Map to your own Symbology If you do not usually work with CQG symbology you can setup your symbol mapping to emulate to the symbol names that you prefer, Bloomberg, Reuters etc. Once the sequence is completed you can toggle between your custom set and CQG set as you need. If you normally use Bloomberg,…

Unadjusted Close | Spreads | Cumulative Spreads

Advanced Column Formatting If you need columns in different orders then using the interface opposite simply drag-and-drop the columns to suit your requirements. You may also include extra columns for: Unadjusted Close | Spread | Cumulative Spread