What is Continuous Futures Data?

Why is Continuous Futures Data Important to traders?

E-Mini  S&P 500 Futures data
E-Mini S&P 500 Futures Data

Applications of Continuous Futures Data:

  • Analyzing Long-term Markets Trends – Continuous data provides information about price movements over an extended period, which makes it easier to spot long-term trends. The data helps traders identify market behaviors, which allows them to predict future possibilities.
  • Risk Management – Continuous data is useful in identifying risk in commodities markets, which makes it easy for traders to hedge their portfolios against market volatility. Traders can identify market patterns and volatility, which allows them to take advantage of short-term trading opportunities.
  • Commodity Indices – Continuous data is used in creating commodity indices, which make it easy for traders to track commodity price movements in the market.
  • Trading Strategies – Through continuous data, traders can create unique trading strategies that can be implemented into their portfolios. The data provides immeasurable insights into commodities markets, making it easy to make informed trading decisions.
Nikkei 225 - OSE Futures Data
Nikkei 225 – OSE Futures Data