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CQG Data Factory | Tick Futures & Forex Data – Level 1 Quotes & Trades

Tick - Trades, Bids and Asks

Historical CQG Data Factory Level 1 Tick Data Quotes & Trades

The CQG Databases contain extensive historical Level 1 tick data from inception 1987.  Known as BATS, the data contains the Bid, Ask, Trade and also the Settle prices (BATS)

NOTE: Below are the typical ‘vanilla symbols’ that most funds choose to trade. However, Portara has access to more than 10,000 commodities from every conceivable exchange worldwide. Please enquire if the tick data commodities you wish to access are not listed in the table below.

Intraday & Daily Data
Tick Data - Trades
Market DescriptionSymbolSectorExchangeStart DateFile Size
Ethanol (Combined)ACAEnergyCBOT2005 Mar 2328.83 MB
FTSE/JSE Top 40 Index - JSEALSIIndexJDERIV2010 Oct 149.88 GB
Australian 200APIndexSFE2000 Sep 0837.3 GB
Live Cattle Real Denominated - BrazilBGIMeatBRAZIL2001 Jan 26256.72 MB
IBEX miniBIBXIndexMEFF-RV2008 Jan 0210.83 GB
British Pound BP6CurrencyGLOBEX1987 Sep 01129.64 GB
Brazilian Real (Settlement)BRCurrencyCME1995 Nov 0830.64 MB
CME BitcoinBTCCurrencyGLOBEX2017 Dec 083.23 GB
BAX (All Sessions)BXAFinancialBdM1998 Oct 0610.07 GB
Canadian Dollar CA6CurrencyGLOBEX1987 Sep 01102.91 GB
Canadian Bond 10yearCBFinancialBdM1990 Feb 0222.93 GB
Cash-Settled ButterCCBSoftGLOBEX2005 Sep 19312.45 MB
Cocoa (ICE)CCESoftNYI1987 Sep 0122.69 GB
Cash Settled Corn - BrazilCCMGrainBRAZIL2009 Dec 18242.63 MB
Crude Oil CLEEnergyNYMEX-G1987 Sep 01913.57 GB
SGX FTSE China A50 IndexCNIndexSGX2006 Sep 0528.23 GB
Offshore RenminbiCNHCurrencyGLOBEX2013 Feb 258.42 GB
Chicago Corn - JSECORNGrainJDERIV2010 Oct 141.27 GB
Copper CPEMetalCOMEX-G1989 Apr 28227 GB
Cash-Settled CheeseCSCSoftGLOBEX2010 Jun 22484.51 MB
Cotton (ICE)CTESoftNYI1987 Sep 018.96 GB
Australian Dollar DA6CurrencyGLOBEX1987 Sep 01124.56 GB
BundDBFinancialEUREX1992 Dec 16117.3 GB
DAXDDIndexEUREX1992 Dec 17167.58 GB
Euro German SchatzDGFinancialEUREX1997 Mar 0717.31 GB
One Day Bank Deposits - Brazil (All Sessions)DI1FinancialBRAZIL2002 Jan 2229.32 GB
BoblDLFinancialEUREX1992 Dec 1755.32 GB
U.S. Dollar Futures - BrazilDOLIndexBRAZIL2001 Jan 1515.57 GB
Euro Stoxx 50DSXIndexEUREX1998 Jun 30267.29 GB
STOXX Europe 50 IndexDTXIndexEUREX1998 Jun 229.21 GB
U.S. Dollar Index (ICE)DXEIndexICEUS1987 Sep 0189.13 GB
Euro/British PoundEBCurrencyGLOBEX2000 Sep 0875.93 GB
Eurodollar EDAFinancialGLOBEX1987 Sep 011.22 TB
E Mini Euro FXEEUCurrencyEMiniCME1999 Oct 0734.1 GB
E Mini YenEJYCurrencyEMiniCME1999 Oct 0719.95 GB
E Mini Nasdaq 100ENQIndexEMiniCME1999 Jun 21179.9 GB
E Mini S&PEPIndexEMiniCME1997 Sep 08306.9 GB
Euro Stoxx BanksESBIndexEUREX2001 Mar 1919.01 GB
Euro Stoxx Oil & Gas ESEIndexEUREX2008 Jan 023.49 GB
Euro FX EU6CurrencyGLOBEX1998 May 19255.66 GB
Euro BTP FuturesFBTPIndexEUREX2009 Sep 0224.95 GB
Short Euro BTP FuturesFBTSIndexEUREX2010 Oct 142.47 GB
Mini DAXFDXMIndexEUREX2015 Oct 2645.76 GB
TSI Iron Ore CFR China 62%FEFSoftSGXCQ2013 Apr 084.36 GB
BuxlFGBXFinancialEUREX2008 Jan 0236.45 GB
Kuala Lumpur Composite IndexFKLIIndexBMDEX2007 Feb 092.22 GB
NYSE FANG+ IndexFNGIndexICEUS2017 Nov 084.67 GB
Euro-OATFOATFinancialEUREX2015 Dec 1125.24 GB
Euro/Swiss FrancFRCurrencyGLOBEX2000 Sep 0832.46 GB
STOXX 600 Basic ResourcesFSTSIndexEUREX2013 Sep 233.17 GB
AEX Index - HollandFTIIndexEUREID1998 Dec 22161.49 GB
5 Yr Treasury Notes FVAFinancialCBOT-G1988 Jun 07101.47 GB
VSTOXX IndexFVSIndexEUREX2009 May 224.83 GB
Euro Stoxx 600FXXPIndexEUREX2010 Jul 2222.86 GB
Azuki Beans-Red-TGEGABSoftTGE2011 Feb 2456.55 MB
Gold GCEMetalCOMEX-G1987 Sep 03719.88 GB
Corn-TGEGCNGrainTGE2010 Oct 18581.63 MB
Milk-Class III Fluid GDCSoftGLOBEX2006 Feb 27693.73 MB
Dry WheyGDYSoftGLOBEX2007 May 01465.06 MB
Feeder Cattle GFMeatGLOBEX1987 Sep 018.09 GB
S&P GSCI (Combined)GIAIndexCME2011 Jul 154.57 MB
Live Cattle GLEMeatGLOBEX1987 Sep 0119.8 GB
E-Micro Canadian DollarGMCDCurrencyGLOBEX2010 Dec 194.42 GB
Non-Fat Dry MilkGNFSoftGLOBEX2007 Sep 17337.19 MB
Australian 90 day BillsHBSFinancialSFE2000 Sep 087.14 GB
Lean Hogs HEMeatGLOBEX1987 Sep 0113.55 GB
H Shares IndexHHIIndexHKFE2006 Nov 30158.31 GB
Heating Oil HOEEnergyNYMEX-G1987 Sep 01256.38 GB
Hot Rolled Coil SteelHRCMetalNYMEX-G2008 Oct 2016.21 MB
Hang Seng IndexHSIIndexHKFE2006 Nov 30189.16 GB
Australian 3 year bond (Combined)HTSFinancialSFE2000 Sep 082.67 GB
Australian Govt Bond 6%(10Yr) (Combined)HXSFinancialSFE2000 Sep 087.91 GB
IBEXIBIndexMEFF-RV1995 Jun 0636.19 GB
Arabica Coffee - Brazil ICFSoftBRAZIL2001 Jan 11900.13 MB
MSCI Indonesia IndexIDIndexSGX2012 Jun 11232.36 MB
MIB Index-Mini-MIFIMSPIndexIDEM2004 Mar 2213.26 GB
Bovespa IndexINDIndexBRAZIL2001 Jan 1516.24 GB
MIB FTSE Index (S&P-June09) -MIFISPIndexIDEM1995 Jan 3119.05 GB
Nikkei 400 Futures JPXJ400IndexOSE2014 Nov 257.23 GB
Euroyen (Tokyo)JEYFinancialTFX1999 Sep 23558.28 MB
Japanese Gov. Bonds Tokyo (All Sessions)JGBFinancialTSE1999 Jun 114.02 GB
Mini TOPIX IndexJMTIndexTSE2008 Jun 169.94 GB
Nikkei 225 - OSEJNKIndexOSE1999 Feb 1632.79 GB
TOPIX IndexJTPXIndexTSE2000 Sep 0823 GB
Japanese Yen JY6CurrencyGLOBEX1987 Sep 01189.73 GB
10 Year Korea Treasury BondK10BFinancialKRX2017 Mar 191.15 GB
3 Year Korea Treasury BondK3BFinancialKRX2017 Mar 19289.65 MB
Coffee (ICE)KCESoftNYI1987 Sep 0119.37 GB
KOSPI 200KOSIndexKRX2006 Jan 1040.13 GB
New Euro Swedish KronaKRKCurrencyICEUS2011 Jun 064.34 GB
Korean WonKRWCurrencyGLOBEX2006 Sep 15223.89 MB
Wheat KansasKWEGrainKCBT1987 Sep 0138.78 GB
Aluminium 90 day forward (All Sessions)LALZAMetalLME1990 Apr 232.8 GB
Lumber (Combined)LBCSoftCME1987 Sep 02706.94 MB
Copper 90 day forward (All Sessions)LDKZAMetalLME1990 Apr 239.3 GB
Lead 90 day forward (All Sessions)LEDZAMetalLME1993 May 201.68 GB
Nickel 90 day forward (All Sessions)LNIZAMetalLME1990 Apr 232.66 GB
Robusta Coffee LIFFELRCSoftEURCMD1991 Mar 015.22 GB
Tin 90 day forward (All Sessions)LTIZAMetalLME1990 Apr 23237.11 MB
Zinc 90 day forward (All Sessions)LZHZAMetalLME1990 Apr 233.28 GB
E-Micro Australian DollarM6ACurrencyGLOBEX2009 Mar 209.29 GB
E-Micro British PoundM6BCurrencyGLOBEX2009 Mar 2012.17 GB
E-Micro Euro FXM6ECurrencyGLOBEX2009 Mar 2018.42 GB
H Shares Index - MiniMCHIndexHKFE2008 Mar 3175.36 GB
MSCI EAFE IndexMFSIndexICEUS2009 Sep 0923.24 GB
E-Micro GoldMGCMetalEMiniCMX2010 Sep 17123.78 GB
Hang Seng Index-MiniMHIIndexHKFE2006 Nov 30112.06 GB
Mini Nikkei 225 - OSEMJNKIndexOSE2006 Jul 2084.67 GB
E-Micro Japanese YenMJYCurrencyGLOBEX2010 Dec 197.54 GB
MSCI Emerging Markets Mini IndexMMEIndexICEUS2009 Sep 0934.76 GB
Crude Palm Oil - Malaysia NewMPOSoftBMDEX2013 Sep 307.2 GB
Wheat-Spring -MGEMWEGrainMGE1987 Sep 0113.24 GB
Mexican Peso MX6CurrencyGLOBEX1995 Sep 1922.9 GB
NZ BillsNBBFinancialNZFOE2000 Sep 08132.8 MB
New Zealand Dollar NE6CurrencyGLOBEX1997 May 0727.17 GB
Natural Gas NGEEnergyNYMEX-G1990 Apr 04245.05 GB
Nikkei 225 (Yen)NIYIndexGLOBEX1990 Sep 2538.35 GB
Nikkei 225 NKDIndexGLOBEX1990 Sep 2534.03 GB
E-Mini Natural GasNQGEnergyEMiniNYX2002 Jun 1720.76 GB
E-Mini Crude OilNQMEnergyEMiniNYX2002 Jun 17124.27 GB
Orange Juice (ICE)OJESoftNYI1987 Sep 011.12 GB
Palladium PAEMetalNYMEX-G1987 Sep 0114.64 GB
CAC 40 Index (MATIF)PILIndexEUREID1999 Nov 01197.23 GB
Platinum (Nymex) GlobexPLEMetalNYMEX-G1987 Sep 0117.59 GB
RapeseedPMGrainEURCMD1994 Oct 271.26 GB
Milling WheatPVGrainEURCMD1998 Apr 212.13 GB
CornPZGrainEURCMD1999 Oct 01197.29 MB
Cocoa - LondonQCSoftEURCMD1987 Nov 0313.03 GB
3 month Euribor (All Sessions)QEAFinancialEURIRF1989 Apr 19138.05 GB
FTSEQFAIndexEUREID1987 Oct 09123.82 GB
Gilt-Long(8.75-13yr) (All Sessions)QGAFinancialEURIRF1988 Feb 2644.57 GB
Euro Swiss (3 month) (All Sessions)QNAFinancialEURIRF1991 Feb 074.35 GB
Crude-BrentQOEnergyICEEU1988 Aug 16328.32 GB
GasoilQPEnergyICEEU1987 Oct 26311.45 GB
Short Sterling (3 month) (All Sessions)QSAFinancialEURIRF1987 Oct 1257.86 GB
Natural Gas (National Balancing Point)QUEnergyICEEU1997 Jan 301.24 GB
White Sugar - LondonQWSoftEURCMD2000 Sep 088.23 GB
RBOB Gasoline RBEEnergyNYMEX-G1987 Sep 01222.66 GB
Mini-Russell 2000- CMERTYIndexEMiniCME2007 Aug 1795.92 GB
Russian Rouble RU6CurrencyGLOBEX1998 Apr 214.25 GB
S. African Rand SA6CurrencyGLOBEX1997 May 074.37 GB
Sugar #11 (ICE)SBESoftNYI1987 Sep 0124.55 GB
Swiss Govt Bond(10Yr)SCFinancialEUREX1994 Apr 14315.28 MB
Swiss Franc SF6CurrencyGLOBEX1987 Sep 0151.4 GB
Silver SIEMetalCOMEX-G1987 Sep 01309.33 GB
Indian Rupee SIRCurrencyGLOBEX2013 Jan 284.51 GB
Soybeans - JSESOYAGrainJDERIV2010 Oct 15142.42 MB
Sunflower Seed - JSESUNSGrainJDERIV2010 Oct 15131.81 MB
Swiss Market IndexSWIndexEUREX1994 Mar 3175.5 GB
TOCOM Crude OilTCOEnergyTOCOM2005 Oct 1225.14 GB
Tec DAX PerformanceTDXIndexEUREX2003 Mar 241.73 GB
TOCOM - GoldTGDMetalTOCOM2005 Oct 1244.57 GB
TOCOM Gasoline TGSEnergyTOCOM2005 Oct 1212.07 GB
TOCOM KeroseneTKREnergyTOCOM2005 Oct 128.65 GB
TOCOM - Mini GoldTMGMetalTOCOM2007 Jul 1911.27 GB
S&P - TSX 60 IndexTPIndexBdM1999 Sep 0715.21 GB
TOCOM PlatinumTPLMetalTOCOM2005 Oct 1215.44 GB
TOCOM Mini PlatinumTPMMetalTOCOM2008 Nov 134.93 GB
TOCOM RubberTRUSoftTOCOM2005 Oct 123.68 GB
2 Yr Treasury Notes TUAFinancialCBOT-G1990 Jun 2241.81 GB
10 Yr Treasury Notes TYAFinancialCBOT-G1987 Aug 31144.32 GB
Ultra T Bond ULAFinancialCBOT-G2010 Jan 0852.27 GB
30 Year Bond USAFinancialCBOT-G1987 Aug 31105.07 GB
Carbon Emissions ECX EUA - ICEUXIndexICEEU2005 Jul 133.89 GB
CBOE Volatility Index VIXVXIndexCBOEFE2004 Mar 26126.6 GB
Wheat - JSEWEATGrainJDERIV2010 Oct 15216.49 MB
Ibovespa Index Mini - Brazil (All Sessions)WINIndexBRAZIL2008 May 16106.33 GB
White Maise - JSEWMAZGrainJDERIV2010 Oct 15895.22 MB
CanolaWRGrainICECAN1988 May 276.35 GB
OMX Stockholm 30 IndexX30IndexOMXFUT2009 Oct 2112.2 GB
Mini-Sized SoybeansXBGrainCBOT2003 Apr 0726.94 MB
CFE BitcoinXBTCurrencyCBOEFE2017 Dec 111.93 GB
Mini-Sized CornXCGrainCBOT2003 Apr 0712.28 MB
Mini-Sized WheatXWGrainCBOT2003 Apr 079.67 MB
DJIA Mini $5 IndexYMIndexCBOT-G2002 Apr 04130.02 GB
Yellow Maise - JSEYMAZGrainJDERIV2010 Oct 15588.95 MB
Euro FX YenYRCurrencyGLOBEX2000 Sep 0861.84 GB
MSCI Taiwan Index (All Sessions)ZAAIndexSGX2000 Sep 0818.46 GB
Corn ZCEGrainCBOT-G1987 Sep 0195.74 GB
SICOM Technically Specified Rubber 20ZFTSoftSGXCQ2011 May 167.79 GB
MSCI Singapore Stock IndexZGIndexSGX2000 Sep 087.25 GB
S&P CNX Nifty Index - SGXZINIndexSGX2000 Sep 2522.41 GB
Bean Oil ZLEGrainCBOT-G1987 Sep 0191.45 GB
Soy Meal ZMEGrainCBOT-G1987 Sep 0199.39 GB
Nikkei 225 (All Sessions) - SGXZNAIndexSGX2000 Sep 0835.54 GB
Oats ZOEGrainCBOT-G1987 Sep 01580.71 MB
Federal Funds ZQEFinancialCBOT-G2007 Mar 0268.26 GB
Rough Rice ZREGrainCBOT-G1987 Sep 01837.29 MB
Soybeans ZSEGrainCBOT-G1987 Sep 01128.53 GB
Singapore Mini 10yr JGBZTFinancialSGX2000 Sep 081.16 GB
USD-CNHZUCCurrencySGXFX2014 Oct 2022.73 GB
SGX INR-USD FutureZUICurrencySGXFX2013 Nov 1110.55 GB
KRW-USDZUWCurrencySGXFX2013 Nov 112.23 GB
Wheat ZWAGrainCBOT-G1987 Sep 0166.82 GB