Extracting Actual Data (Tenors)

Extracting Actual Data Files (known as Tenors):

Portara also allows you to extract the ‘Actual’ data files into their own compressions and with their own adjustments for time-zone variations.  You may have a need to look at actual data in your own time-zone, to trade off perhaps? Portara can do this.  You may need UTC based data (known as Zulu Time) Portara can do this too. Or extract to a time-zone you trade such as EST or Central, or Australian Local, or Exchange time globally.  Portara can handle all of this for you when you create Tenor data.

It is a two-step process: Use the Roll Manager to begin with (even though obviously there are no rolls) – this will extract the raw data ready for the final formatting and compressing stage (if any) with the Compression Manager

Learn more about the roll manager.

Extracting Tenors Data