Wall Street Stock Exchange

The Dow Jones Industrial Index, The Most Famous Stock Market Indicator

The Dow Jones Industrial average is based on the prices of 30 large companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Each company is given a weighting factor based on its market capitalization. This means that each company is assigned a percentage value based on how much money it is worth.

Hang Seng Indices: What Are They?

Hang Seng Indices are a widely followed stock market indices that tracks the performance of Hong Kong’s main stock exchange. The Hang Seng Indexes are often just referred to as “the Hang Seng” because the first was created in 1968 by the Hang Seng Bank.

Continuous Rolling of Coffee Futures

What Is Continuous Futures Data?

In our latest article – How To Create Continuous Futures Data – We cover what continuous futures data is, how to create continuous data and why continuous data is important. We also cover some of the potential issues you may encounter when creating continuous 1 min data.

Corn Exchange London

History of Corn Exchanges

This presentation takes a look at the rise and fall of the Corn Exchanges in the UK and the rest of the world and the beautiful architecture that was left behind. As a data supplier to the industry and ex trader I am amazed by…

How To Ratio Adjust Futures Data

In this PRESENTATION – How To Ratio Adjust Futures Data? – we learn the steps necessary for rolling futures contracts using the RATIO ADJUST mechanism.  NOTE: You can follow the video presentation and also download…

Data Flexibility

Irregular Trading Hours Data

Listen to Arthur Maddock chat about the relevance of Irregular Trading Hours Data; this exciting new way to create intraday and daily bars for backtesting.  Discover edges between the sessions where no one else tends to look…

Regulatory Umbrella

What Is A Regulatory Umbrella?

In this PODCAST – What Is A Regulatory Umbrella? – we learn the steps necessary for regulating your trading activities in the UK. The least expensive way is to have a company such as Starmark Investments…

Where Has the Open Gone

Where Has The Open Gone? An insight for futures traders

A few years ago I wrote a technical article for CTA Intelligence Magazine entitled – Where Has The Open Gone? Sounds crazy, but since the introduction of 24hr markets, has the significance of the open altered for systems such as…

HFM 2018 Winner

Best Historical Intraday Data Provider

Portara is the winner of the best market data provider award at the 2018 HFM awards ceremony in London for the third time. Many thanks to all the International…